Interface IAuditEntry

  • public interface IAuditEntry
    An implementation of the IAuditEntry interface describes the method by which audit messages are recorded and what destination storage they are recorded to.
    • Method Detail

      • auditAll

        void auditAll​(String jobId,
                      String instId,
                      String objId,
                      String objType,
                      String actor,
                      String messageType,
                      String messageName,
                      String messageTxtValue,
                      BigDecimal messageNumValue,
                      double duration)
               throws AuditException
        This method will save the information passed as parameters to the audit storage location. One call to this method represents one entry in the audit system.
        jobId - the id that ties together audit messages from the same execution
        instId - id to be handed to the runtime repository
        objId - the unique id for this instance of this object
        objType - class name of the component that is being audited
        actor - the username associated with the session this auditEntry is requested in
        messageType - the messageType as defined in the MessageType constants class
        messageName -
        messageTxtValue -
        messageNumValue -
        duration -
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