Interface IComponent

  • All Superinterfaces:
    IAuditable, ILogger
    All Known Subinterfaces:
    IDataComponent, IPreparedComponent

    public interface IComponent
    extends IAuditable, ILogger
    A Component is the smallest module in the platform architecture and represents a unit of work, or an action to be performed. Different Component implementations provide new channels of functionality as well as multiple implementations of similar features (.ie, the BIRT Reporting Component and the Jasper Reports Reporting Component).
    • Method Detail

      • init

        boolean init()
        Initialize the Component. This method is typically called on construction.
        returns true if the Component initialized successfully, otherwise returns false
      • validate

        int validate()
        Validate that the Component has all the necessary inputs, outputs and resources it needs to execute successfully. Also may validate a schema here.
        one of IRuntimeContext validation conditions
        See Also:
      • execute

        int execute()
        Perform the Component execution; logic for what this Component does goes here.
        one of IRuntimeContext execution conditions
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      • done

        void done()
        Allows the component to perform any cleanup after the execution of the action.
      • setInstanceId

        void setInstanceId​(String instanceId)
      • getInstanceId

        String getInstanceId()
      • setActionName

        void setActionName​(String actionName)
      • getActionName

        String getActionName()
        Description copied from interface: IAuditable
        Return the name of the action sequence. Today, that name is synonymous with the name of the action sequence document in the solution repository.
        Specified by:
        getActionName in interface IAuditable
        the name of the action sequence
      • setProcessId

        void setProcessId​(String processId)
      • getProcessId

        String getProcessId()
        Description copied from interface: IAuditable
        Return the id for the execution of a given action sequence document.
        Specified by:
        getProcessId in interface IAuditable
        the process id
      • setComponentDefinition

        void setComponentDefinition​(org.dom4j.Node componentDefinition)
      • setComponentDefinitionMap

        void setComponentDefinitionMap​(Map<String,​String> componentDefinitionMap)
      • getComponentDefinition

        org.dom4j.Node getComponentDefinition()
      • setRuntimeContext

        void setRuntimeContext​(IRuntimeContext runtimeContext)
      • setMessages

        void setMessages​(List messaes)
      • getMessages

        List getMessages()
      • setActionDefinition

        void setActionDefinition​(org.pentaho.actionsequence.dom.IActionDefinition actionDefinition)
      • getActionDefinition

        org.pentaho.actionsequence.dom.IActionDefinition getActionDefinition()