Interface IContentGenerator

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    public interface IContentGenerator
    extends ILogger
    This interface is implemented by bi-platform plugins, and is instantiated for each content request made to the plugin system via the IPluginManager API. Once instantiated, the setter methods are first called and then createContent() is called to generate the expected content.
    • Method Detail

      • createContent

        void createContent()
                    throws Exception
        the createContent() method is called after the content generator has been initialized appropriately, and is responsible for populating the output handler.
      • setOutputHandler

        void setOutputHandler​(IOutputHandler outputHandler)
        called before createContent(), the IOutputHandler is the API that defines how to write content back to the client.
        outputHandler -
      • setMessagesList

        void setMessagesList​(List<String> messages)
        called before createContent(), this method is not used by the content generator system at this time.
        messages - a list of messages
      • setParameterProviders

        void setParameterProviders​(Map<String,​IParameterProvider> parameterProviders)
        called before createContent(), the parameterProviders list contain the available parameters.
        parameterProviders -
      • setSession

        void setSession​(IPentahoSession userSession)
        called before createContent(), this is the users session object.
        userSession -
      • setUrlFactory

        void setUrlFactory​(IPentahoUrlFactory urlFactory)
        called before createContent(), this is used to build URLs
        urlFactory -
      • setCallbacks

        void setCallbacks​(List<Object> callbacks)
        this method is not used at this time
        callbacks -
      • setInstanceId

        void setInstanceId​(String instanceId)
        this method is not used at this time
        instanceId -
      • getItemName

        String getItemName()
        Get the name of the output content item for this content generator
      • setItemName

        void setItemName​(String itemName)
        Set the name of the output content item for the content generator
        itemName -