Interface IMessageFormatter

  • public interface IMessageFormatter
    • Method Detail

      • getFirstError

        String getFirstError​(List messages)
        If PentahoMessenger.getUserString("ERROR") returns the string: "Error: {0} ({1})" (which is the case for English) Find the substring before the first "{". In this case, that would be: "Error: ". Return the first string in the messages list that contains the string "Error: ". If no string in the list contains "Error: ", return null;
        messages -
      • formatFailureMessage

        default void formatFailureMessage​(String mimeType,
                                          IRuntimeContext context,
                                          StringBuffer messageBuffer,
                                          List defaultMessages,
                                          boolean showStacktrace)
        showStacktrace - if true, exception stacktrace (if it is in messages) will be put into formatted message for debug purposes
      • formatResultSetAsHTMLRows

        void formatResultSetAsHTMLRows​(org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet resultSet,
                                       StringBuffer messageBuffer)
      • formatSuccessMessage

        void formatSuccessMessage​(String mimeType,
                                  IRuntimeContext context,
                                  StringBuffer messageBuffer,
                                  boolean doMessages,
                                  boolean doWrapper)