Interface IPentahoSystemStartupActions

  • public interface IPentahoSystemStartupActions
    • Method Detail

      • globalStartup

        void globalStartup()
      • setSessionStartupActions

        void setSessionStartupActions​(List<ISessionStartupAction> actions)
        Registers server actions that will be invoked when a session is created. NOTE: it is completely up to the IPentahoSession implementation whether to advise the system of it's creation via PentahoSystem#sessionStartup(IPentahoSession).
        actions - the server actions to execute on session startup
      • clearGlobals

        void clearGlobals()
      • putInGlobalAttributesMap

        Object putInGlobalAttributesMap​(Object key,
                                        Object value)
      • removeFromGlobalAttributesMap

        Object removeFromGlobalAttributesMap​(Object key)