Interface IScheduledJob

  • public interface IScheduledJob
    • Field Detail


        static final int STATE_COMPLETE
        The trigger has no remaining fire-times in its schedule.

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        Constant Field Values

        static final int STATE_ERROR
        A ScheduledJob arrives at the error state when the scheduler attempts to fire it, but cannot due to an error creating and executing its related job. Often this is due to the Job's class not existing in the classpath.

        When the ScheduledJob is in the error state, the scheduler will make no attempts to fire it.

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        Constant Field Values

        static final int STATE_BLOCKED
        A ScheduledJob arrives at the blocked state when the job that it is associated with is a StatefulJob and it is currently executing.

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        StatefulJob, Constant Field Values
      • STATE_NONE

        static final int STATE_NONE

        Indicates that the ScheduledJob does not exist.

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    • Method Detail

      • getNextTriggerTime

        Date getNextTriggerTime()
      • getLastTriggerTime

        Date getLastTriggerTime()
      • getExecutionState

        int getExecutionState()
      • getDescription

        String getDescription()
      • getUniqueId

        String getUniqueId()
      • getErrorMessage

        String getErrorMessage()