Interface ITenant

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    public interface ITenant
    extends Serializable
    A tenant of the Pentaho platform. Contains name, path and ID of a tenant. This interface should be implemented if you need create your own tenant. Tenants are used for implementing the security mechanism.
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      • getId

        String getId()
        The method is used for retrieving ID of the tenant.
        Returns String representation of the tenant's ID.
      • getRootFolderAbsolutePath

        String getRootFolderAbsolutePath()
        The method gets the absolute path to the tenant root folder. Folders for the data protected by current tenant (including the users' home folders) should be located under the tenant's root folder.
        Returns the absolute path to the tenant's root folder.
      • getName

        String getName()
        This method gets the tenant's name.
        Returns the tenant's name.
      • isEnabled

        boolean isEnabled()
        The method validates whether the tenant is enabled or not.
        Returns true if the tenant is enabled.