Interface IWebsocketEndpointConfig

  • public interface IWebsocketEndpointConfig
    • Method Detail

      • getUrlSufix

        String getUrlSufix()
        Get the URL sufix where the websocket will be available.
        A String with the URL sufix.
      • getEndpointImpl

        Class<?> getEndpointImpl()
        The class that implements this websocket endpoint. A new instance of this class is going to be created for each new websocket connection.
        A Class instance with a websocket implementation.
      • getSubProtocolAccepted

        List<String> getSubProtocolAccepted()
        Gets the list of sub protocols that this web socket will accept. Empty if it accepts all sub protocols.
        A list of String with the subprotocols.
      • getIsOriginAllowedPredicate

        Predicate<String> getIsOriginAllowedPredicate()
        Gets the predicate which evaluates if a origin is allowed for the websocket.
        a predicate that accepts a String and checks if the origin received as parameter is accepted.
      • getMaxMessageBytesLength

        int getMaxMessageBytesLength()
        Gets the maximum message length in bytes.
        the maximum message length in bytes.
      • getServletContextPathPropertyName

        String getServletContextPathPropertyName()
        Get the servlet context path property.
        the string with the property name.
      • getMaxMessagePropertyName

        String getMaxMessagePropertyName()
        Get the maximum message property.
        the string with the property name.