Class PentahoSecurityContextHolderStrategy

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    public class PentahoSecurityContextHolderStrategy
    extends Object
    Used by Spring Security's SecurityContextHolder to govern the creation and scope of a SecurityContext. This implementation is, with respect scope, the same as The SecurityContext implementations factoried by this class are of our own type PentahoSecurityContextHolderStrategy.PentahoSecurityContextImpl which manages Authentication in it's own InheritableThreadLocal Created by nbaker on 6/6/14.
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      • PentahoSecurityContextHolderStrategy

        public PentahoSecurityContextHolderStrategy()
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      • getContext

        public getContext()
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        getContext in interface
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        public void setContext​( sContext)
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        setContext in interface
      • clearContext

        public void clearContext()
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        clearContext in interface
      • createEmptyContext

        public createEmptyContext()
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        createEmptyContext in interface