Class ActionHarness

  • public class ActionHarness
    extends BeanUtil
    A utility for consistent interaction with IActions. Based on BeanUtil, but with logic specific to IAction beans. One such behavior is the setting of pass-through properties to an IVarArgsAction. Note that all the setValue and setValues methods will properly handle IVarArgsActions if the bean is of this type.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ActionHarness

        public ActionHarness​(org.pentaho.platform.api.action.IAction actionBean)
    • Method Detail

      • setValue

        public void setValue​(String propertyName,
                             Object value,
                             ValueSetErrorCallback callback,
                             PropertyNameFormatter... formatters)
                      throws Exception
        Performs same function as the super, with the added feature of granting undeclared properties to the action bean if it is a IVarArgsAction.

        Set a bean property with a given value, allowing the caller to respond to various error states that may be encountered during the attempt to set the value on the bean. This method also allows the caller to specify formatters that will modify the property name to match what the bean expects as the true name of the property. This can be helpful when you are trying to map parameters from a source that follows a convention that is not Java Bean spec compliant.

        setValue in class BeanUtil
        propertyName - the bean property to set
        value - the value to set on the bean. If value is an instance of ValueGenerator, then the value will be derived by calling ValueGenerator.getValue(String). Note: if value is null, we consciously bypass the set operation altogether since it leads to indeterminate behavior, i.e. it may fail or succeed.
        callback - a structure that alerts the caller of any error states and enables the caller to fail, log, proceed, etc
        formatters - a list of objects that can be used to modify the given property name prior to performing any operations on the bean itself. This new formatted property name will be used to identify the bean property. bean lookup and value setting
        Exception - when something goes wrong (controlled by the callback object)
        See Also:
        ValueGenerator, ValueSetErrorCallback, PropertyNameFormatter