Class ExceptionBasedClientTypeProvider

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    public class ExceptionBasedClientTypeProvider
    extends Object
    implements IClientTypeProvider
    An implementation which determines the client type by looking of the call stack to the class which called KettleEnvironment.init() / KettleClientEnvironment.init()

    This will return Spoon/Pan/Kitchen/Carte in the case of a pdi-client execution. Others will return "default"

    Created by nbaker on 3/24/16.

    • Field Detail

      • targetClassNames

        protected List<String> targetClassNames
      • disregardClassNames

        protected List<String> disregardClassNames
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExceptionBasedClientTypeProvider

        public ExceptionBasedClientTypeProvider()
    • Method Detail

      • setTargetClass

        public void setTargetClass​(Class targetClass)
      • setDisregardClass

        public void setDisregardClass​(Class disregardClass)
      • getClientType

        public String getClientType()
        Description copied from interface: IClientTypeProvider
        Get the PDI client type associated with this running instance
        Specified by:
        getClientType in interface IClientTypeProvider
        a PDI client-type identifier (spoon,pan,carte,kitchen) or "default"