Interface IAclAwareMondrianCatalogService

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    public interface IAclAwareMondrianCatalogService
    extends IMondrianCatalogService
    This interface is a temporary solution created to keep backwards compatibility prior to 6.0
    Note: This interface will be removed in 6.0
    Andrey Khayrutdinov
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      • addCatalog

        void addCatalog​(InputStream inputStream,
                        MondrianCatalog catalog,
                        boolean overwriteInRepository,
                        org.pentaho.platform.api.repository2.unified.RepositoryFileAcl acl,
                        org.pentaho.platform.api.engine.IPentahoSession session)
        Pass the input stream directly from data access PUC and schema workbench
        inputStream - stream
        catalog - catalog
        overwriteInRepository - flag, defining to overwrite existing or not
        acl - catalog ACL, null means no ACL
        session - user session
      • setAclFor

        void setAclFor​(String catalogName,
                       org.pentaho.platform.api.repository2.unified.RepositoryFileAcl acl)
      • getAclFor

        org.pentaho.platform.api.repository2.unified.RepositoryFileAcl getAclFor​(String catalogName)