Class AbstractChartFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractChartFactory

        public AbstractChartFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • createElements

        protected abstract void createElements()
      • setupStyles

        protected void setupStyles()
      • setChartNode

        public void setChartNode​(org.dom4j.Node chartNode)
        Description copied from interface: IChartFactory
        set the xml chart definition
        Specified by:
        setChartNode in interface IChartFactory
        chartNode - chart definition
      • setLog

        public void setLog​(org.apache.commons.logging.Log log)
        Description copied from interface: IChartFactory
        set the logger
        Specified by:
        setLog in interface IChartFactory
        log - logger
      • validateData

        public void validateData()
      • setupTitles

        protected void setupTitles()
      • setupColors

        protected void setupColors()
        Setup colors for the series and also background
      • setupDomain

        public ofc4j.model.axis.Axis setupDomain()
      • setupRange

        public ofc4j.model.axis.Axis setupRange()
      • setupOnclick

        public void setupOnclick()
      • setData

        public void setData​(org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet data)
        Description copied from interface: IChartFactory
        set the result set to render
        Specified by:
        setData in interface IChartFactory
        data - result set
      • getColumnCount

        protected int getColumnCount()
      • getRowCount

        protected int getRowCount()
      • getRowHeader

        protected String getRowHeader​(int r)
      • getColumnHeader

        protected String getColumnHeader​(int c)
      • getValueAt

        protected Object getValueAt​(int r,
                                    int c)
      • buildCSSStringFromNode

        protected String buildCSSStringFromNode​(org.dom4j.Node n)
      • getColor

        protected String getColor​(int i)
      • getNodeValue

        public static String getNodeValue​(org.dom4j.Node parent,
                                          String node)
      • getValue

        public static String getValue​(org.dom4j.Node n)