Class MDXResultSet

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.pentaho.commons.connection.IDisposable, org.pentaho.commons.connection.IMultiDimensionalResultSet, org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPeekable, org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet

    public class MDXResultSet
    extends Object
    implements org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet, org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPeekable, org.pentaho.commons.connection.IMultiDimensionalResultSet
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    • Constructor Detail

      • MDXResultSet

        public MDXResultSet()
      • MDXResultSet

        public MDXResultSet​(mondrian.olap.Result nativeResultSet,
                            mondrian.olap.Connection nativeConnection,
                            boolean useExtendedColumnNames)
        useExtendedColumnNames - if true, columnNames will follow the format: "[dimension_name].[hierarchy_name].[level_name]" otherwise the format for column names will be: "hierarchy_name{column_number}" Implemented as a flag to allow reports prior to platform version 2.1 (Liberty) to continue to execute as expected with the short column names, but if the developer sets the extendedColumnNames flag to true, can overcome the bug in BISERVER-1266.
        returnNullCells - if true, returns null instead of 0.000000012345. This is configurable for backwards compatibility
    • Method Detail

      • getMetaData

        public org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoMetaData getMetaData()
        Specified by:
        getMetaData in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet
      • peekRowHeaders

        public Object[] peekRowHeaders()
      • peek

        public Object[] peek()
        Specified by:
        peek in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPeekable
      • next

        public Object[] next()
        Specified by:
        next in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet
      • close

        public void close()
        Specified by:
        close in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet
      • closeConnection

        public void closeConnection()
        Specified by:
        closeConnection in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
        Specified by:
        dispose in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IDisposable
      • isScrollable

        public boolean isScrollable()
        Specified by:
        isScrollable in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet
      • getValueAt

        public Object getValueAt​(int row,
                                 int column)
        Specified by:
        getValueAt in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet
      • getRowCount

        public int getRowCount()
        Specified by:
        getRowCount in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet
      • getColumnCount

        public int getColumnCount()
        Specified by:
        getColumnCount in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet
      • memoryCopy

        public org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet memoryCopy()
        Specified by:
        memoryCopy in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet
      • beforeFirst

        public void beforeFirst()
        Specified by:
        beforeFirst in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet
      • getDataColumn

        public Object[] getDataColumn​(int column)
        Specified by:
        getDataColumn in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet
      • getDataRow

        public Object[] getDataRow​(int row)
        Specified by:
        getDataRow in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IPentahoResultSet
      • getNativeResultSet

        protected mondrian.olap.Result getNativeResultSet()
      • setNativeResultSet

        protected void setNativeResultSet​(mondrian.olap.Result nativeResultSet)
      • getNativeConnection

        protected mondrian.olap.Connection getNativeConnection()
      • setNativeConnection

        protected void setNativeConnection​(mondrian.olap.Connection nativeConnection)
      • getMdxMetaData

        protected MDXMetaData getMdxMetaData()
      • setMdxMetaData

        protected void setMdxMetaData​(MDXMetaData mdxMetaData)
      • getPeekRow

        protected Object[] getPeekRow()
      • setPeekRow

        protected void setPeekRow​(Object[] peekRow)
      • getRowIndex

        public int getRowIndex()
      • nextFlattened

        public Object[] nextFlattened()
        Specified by:
        nextFlattened in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IMultiDimensionalResultSet
      • peekFlattened

        public Object[] peekFlattened()
        Specified by:
        peekFlattened in interface org.pentaho.commons.connection.IMultiDimensionalResultSet
      • setFormattedCellValues

        public void setFormattedCellValues​(boolean formattedCellValues)
        Sets the 'formatted cell values' flag. If this flag is set calls to getValueAt (and methods like next() and peek() that use getValueAt) returns the formatted value of the cell instead of the plain number. BISERVER-3543
        formattedCellValues -