Class SessionAwareRowLevelSecurityHelper

  • public class SessionAwareRowLevelSecurityHelper
    extends org.pentaho.metadata.util.RowLevelSecurityHelper
    This row level security helper resolves SESSION("VALUE") in addition to it's parent USER() and ROLE() resolvers. Note that it's the responsibility of the script to quote the SESSION objects, for instance: Session ------- UID=1234 TENANT=PENTAHO EQUALS([NUMBIZCOL];SESSION("UID")) will return NCOL=1234 EQUALS([STRBIZCOL];"SESSION("TENANT")") will return SCOL=`PENTAHO`
    Will Gorman (
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      • logger

        protected final org.apache.commons.logging.Log logger
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      • SessionAwareRowLevelSecurityHelper

        public SessionAwareRowLevelSecurityHelper()
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      • expandFunctions

        protected String expandFunctions​(String formula,
                                         String user,
                                         List<String> roles)
        expandFunctions in class org.pentaho.metadata.util.RowLevelSecurityHelper