Class NoOpLdapAuthoritiesPopulator

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    public class NoOpLdapAuthoritiesPopulator
    extends Object
    For use when authorities are stored in the user object (e.g. objectClass=Person) and therefore retrieved by an UserDetailsContextMapper instance. This class helps since LdapUserDetailsService requires a non-null LdapAuthoritiesPopulator instance.

    LdapAuthenticationProvider actually defines a NullLdapAuthoritiesPopulator which does the same thing as this class. Unfortunately, NullLdapAuthoritiesPopulator is not visible outside of LdapAuthenticationProvider.

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      • NoOpLdapAuthoritiesPopulator

        public NoOpLdapAuthoritiesPopulator()
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      • getGrantedAuthorities

        public Collection<? extends> getGrantedAuthorities​(org.springframework.ldap.core.DirContextOperations userDetails,
                                                                                                              String username)
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        getGrantedAuthorities in interface