Class GrantedAuthorityToString

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    public class GrantedAuthorityToString
    extends Object
    implements org.apache.commons.collections.Transformer
    Transforms a GrantedAuthority into a String. Can handle either a single GrantedAuthority or a collection (or array) of GrantedAuthority instances. Always returns a collection or array if collection or array was the input.

    Transformer input: GrantedAuthority instance, Collection of GrantedAuthority instances, or array of GrantedAuthority instances.

    Transformer output: String instance, Collection of String instances, or array of String instances.

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      • GrantedAuthorityToString

        public GrantedAuthorityToString()
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      • transform

        public Object transform​(Object obj)
        Specified by:
        transform in interface org.apache.commons.collections.Transformer
      • transformItem

        protected Object transformItem​(Object obj)
      • setRolePrefix

        public void setRolePrefix​(String rolePrefix)