Class UserRoleListEnhancedUserMapEditor

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    public class UserRoleListEnhancedUserMapEditor
    extends PropertyEditorSupport
    Property editor to assist with the setup of a UserRoleListEnhancedUserMap.

    The format of entries should be:


    The password must always be the first entry after the equals. The enabled or disabled keyword can appear anywhere (apart from the first entry reserved for the password). If neither enabled or disabled appear, the default is enabled. At least one granted authority must be listed.

    The username represents the key and duplicates are handled the same was as duplicates would be in Java Properties files.

    If the above requirements are not met, the invalid entry will be silently ignored.

    This editor always assumes each entry has a non-expired account and non-expired credentials. However, it does honour the user enabled/disabled flag as described above.

    $Id:,v 1.1 2006/04/19 04:57:50 mbatchelor Exp $
    Ben Alex