Class HsqlDatabaseStarterBean

  • public class HsqlDatabaseStarterBean
    extends Object
    The purpose of this Java class is to startup a HSQLDB databases. This class should not installed in production environments. This is for samples / demoing only. You typically will configure a ServletContext parameter in your web.xml, named "hsqldb-databases" with a value that follows this format: dbName@../path/to/database,@otherDbName@../path/to/other/database
    • Constructor Detail

      • HsqlDatabaseStarterBean

        public HsqlDatabaseStarterBean()
    • Method Detail

      • checkPort

        protected boolean checkPort()
      • getServerProperties

        protected org.hsqldb.persist.HsqlProperties getServerProperties​(String[] args)
      • getNewHSQLDBServer

        protected org.hsqldb.Server getNewHSQLDBServer()
      • start

        public boolean start()
        Starts hsqldb databases.
        true if the server was started properly.
      • stop

        public boolean stop()
        Stops the hsqldb databases.
        true if the server stopped properly.
      • setPort

        public void setPort​(int value)
      • getPort

        public int getPort()
      • setFailoverPort

        public void setFailoverPort​(int value)
      • getFailoverPort

        public int getFailoverPort()
      • setDatabases

        public void setDatabases​(Map<String,​String> databases)
      • setAllowPortFailover

        public void setAllowPortFailover​(boolean value)
      • getAllowPortFailover

        public boolean getAllowPortFailover()