Class PreAuthenticatedSessionHolder

  • public class PreAuthenticatedSessionHolder
    extends Object
    This class serves to capture a users IPentahoSession and Spring Authentication by assigning them a key. The returned key can be used by another party to regain the users session/authentication, in essence logging them in from another client. User: nbaker Date: 6/28/12
    • Constructor Detail

      • PreAuthenticatedSessionHolder

        public PreAuthenticatedSessionHolder​(int ttl,
                                             int evictionInterval)
        Constructs a new session holder with the given TTL and eviction schedule.
        ttl - The time a captured session will be retained
        evictionInterval - The interval in which sessions will be scanned and evicted if over the TTL
      • PreAuthenticatedSessionHolder

        public PreAuthenticatedSessionHolder()
        Constructs a new session holder with the default TTL and eviction schedule.
    • Method Detail

      • captureSession

        public String captureSession()
        Stores the active IPentahoSession and Spring Security Authentication objects (both ThreadLocal based).
        key associated with the captured session.
      • restoreSession

        public boolean restoreSession​(String hash)
        Assigns the IPentahoSession and Authentication stored with the given key to the current request.
        hash - Stored key
        success if the given key matches a session stored in the holder.
      • close

        public void close()
        This should be called with this class is no longer in use. Cleans-up the eviction scheduled task.