Class UserSettingsResource

  • public class UserSettingsResource
    extends AbstractJaxRSResource
    This resource manages the user settings of the platform. User settings are persisted across user sessions and shared by all active sessions of a user. Contrast this with user session variables, accessed via UserConsoleResource, which are reset at every new user session, and are local to each user session. The state changing operations of this service are protected against CSRF attacks, and thus require a CSRF token to be called.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • UserSettingsResource

        public UserSettingsResource()
    • Method Detail

      • getUserSettings

        public ArrayList<Setting> getUserSettings()
        Retrieve the global settings and the user settings for the current user
        list of settings for the platform
      • getUserSetting

        public getUserSetting​(String setting)
        Retrieve a particular user setting for the current user
        setting - (Name of the setting)
        value of the setting for the user
      • setUserSetting

        public setUserSetting​(String setting,
                                                        String settingValue)
        Save the value of a particular setting for the current user.
        setting - (Setting name)
        settingValue - (Value of the setting)