Class WebSpringPentahoObjectFactory

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    public class WebSpringPentahoObjectFactory
    extends org.pentaho.platform.engine.core.system.objfac.AbstractSpringPentahoObjectFactory
    This factory implementation can be used in a web environment in which a Spring WebApplicationContext has already been created during initialization of the web application. WebSpringPentahoObjectFactory will delegate object creation and management to the Spring context. There is one exception to this rule: see AbstractSpringPentahoObjectFactory for more details.

    The Spring bean factory supports the binding of objects to particular scopes. See Spring documentation for description of the scope types: singleton, prototype, session, and request. The latter two apply only in a web context.

    Aaron Phillips
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        org.pentaho.platform.engine.core.system.objfac.AbstractSpringPentahoObjectFactory.BeanDefinitionNamePair, org.pentaho.platform.engine.core.system.objfac.AbstractSpringPentahoObjectFactory.BeanDefinitionPriorityComparitor
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        beanFactory, logger, PRIORITY
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      void init​(String configFile, Object context)
      Initializes this object factory by setting the internal bean factory to the WebApplicationContext instance managed by Spring.
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      • WebSpringPentahoObjectFactory

        public WebSpringPentahoObjectFactory()
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        public void init​(String configFile,
                         Object context)
        Initializes this object factory by setting the internal bean factory to the WebApplicationContext instance managed by Spring.
        configFile - ignored for this implementation
        context - the ServletContext under which this system is currently running. This is used to retrieve the Spring WebApplicationContext.
        IllegalArgumentException - if context is not the correct type, only ServletContext is accepted