Class PentahoAwareCharacterEncodingFilter

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    public class PentahoAwareCharacterEncodingFilter
    extends SetCharacterEncodingFilter
    Looks at the context-param named encoding in web.xml for its encoding selection. If not found, falls back to method used by superclass. Finally, defaults to UTF-8.
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      • PentahoAwareCharacterEncodingFilter

        public PentahoAwareCharacterEncodingFilter()
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      • selectEncoding

        protected String selectEncoding​(javax.servlet.ServletRequest request)
        Description copied from class: SetCharacterEncodingFilter
        Select an appropriate character encoding to be used, based on the characteristics of the current request and/or filter initialization parameters. If no character encoding should be set, return null.

        The default implementation unconditionally returns the value configured by the encoding initialization parameter for this filter.

        selectEncoding in class SetCharacterEncodingFilter
        request - The servlet request we are processing