Class PentahoWadlGeneratorConfig

  • public class PentahoWadlGeneratorConfig
    extends com.sun.jersey.api.wadl.config.WadlGeneratorConfig
    The wadl configurator class that extends in run time the wadl pointing to a file that adds pre-computed information
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    • Constructor Detail

      • PentahoWadlGeneratorConfig

        public PentahoWadlGeneratorConfig()
    • Method Detail

      • configure

        public List<com.sun.jersey.api.wadl.config.WadlGeneratorDescription> configure()
        Specified by:
        configure in class com.sun.jersey.api.wadl.config.WadlGeneratorConfig
      • getOriginalRequest

        protected String getOriginalRequest()
        Gets the original request used to obtain the wadl. The wadl request is for plugins is changed so we need to retrieve its original form to be able to get the plugin and point to the right wadl extension file.
        String with the original url request
      • getBuilder

        protected com.sun.jersey.api.wadl.config.WadlGeneratorConfig.WadlGeneratorConfigDescriptionBuilder getBuilder​(String plugin)
        Gets the WadlGeneratorConfigDescriptionBuilder that is used to extend the wadl. It was a property pointing to the InputStream of the file
        plugin - String with the plugin that is requesting the wadl extension
        WadlGeneratorConfigDescriptionBuilder that is used to extend the wadl.
      • getJAXRSPluginServlet

        protected JAXRSPluginServlet getJAXRSPluginServlet()
        Gets the JAXRSPluginServlet for api that stores the the original request for the wadl
        JAXRSPluginServlet with the stored original request
      • getWadlDocumentResources

        protected List<org.pentaho.platform.api.util.IWadlDocumentResource> getWadlDocumentResources()
        Returns the list of the wadl extension declared beans
        List with the declared beans