Class PentahoEntryFilterImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, PentahoEntryFilter

    public class PentahoEntryFilterImpl
    extends Object
    implements PentahoEntryFilter
    Copy-and-paste of in Jackrabbit 2.10.0. This class is in package due to the scope of collaborating classes.

    Changes to original:

    • Entry has a single private constructor, we changed the scope to public null nextId.
    • Method Detail

      • filterEntries

        public void filterEntries​(List entries,
                                  List... resultLists)
        Separately collect the entries defined for the user and group principals.
        Specified by:
        filterEntries in interface
        entries -
        resultLists -
        See Also:
        EntryFilter.filterEntries(java.util.List, java.util.List[])