Class ServerRepositoryPaths

  • public class ServerRepositoryPaths
    extends Object
    Class of static methods that return commonly needed absolute paths like "tenant root folder path."
    • Method Detail

      • getPentahoRootFolderPath

        public static String getPentahoRootFolderPath()
      • getTenantHomeFolderPath

        public static String getTenantHomeFolderPath​( tenant)
      • getTenantPublicFolderPath

        public static String getTenantPublicFolderPath​( tenant)
      • getTenantRootFolderPath

        public static String getTenantRootFolderPath​( tenant)
      • getUserHomeFolderPath

        public static String getUserHomeFolderPath​( tenant,
                                                   String username)
      • getTenantId

        public static String getTenantId​(String absPath)
        Returns the tenant id given an absolute path.
        absPath - absolute path which will be parsed to determine the tenant id
        tenant id within the path
      • getTenantEtcFolderPath

        public static String getTenantEtcFolderPath​( tenant)
      • getTenantHomeFolderPath

        public static String getTenantHomeFolderPath()
      • getTenantPublicFolderPath

        public static String getTenantPublicFolderPath()
      • getTenantRootFolderPath

        public static String getTenantRootFolderPath()
      • getTenantEtcFolderPath

        public static String getTenantEtcFolderPath()
      • getTenantHomeFolderName

        public static String getTenantHomeFolderName()
      • getTenantPublicFolderName

        public static String getTenantPublicFolderName()
      • getPentahoRootFolderName

        public static String getPentahoRootFolderName()
      • getTenantEtcFolderName

        public static String getTenantEtcFolderName()
      • setStrategyName

        public static void setStrategyName​(String strategyName)