Class ProxyPentahoUserRoleHelper

  • public class ProxyPentahoUserRoleHelper
    extends Object
    This class contains helper methods for converting from and to proxy user and roles
    Will Gorman (
    • Constructor Detail

      • ProxyPentahoUserRoleHelper

        public ProxyPentahoUserRoleHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • toProxyUser

        public static ProxyPentahoUser toProxyUser​( user)
      • syncUsers

        public static syncUsers​( user,
                                                                                                  ProxyPentahoUser proxyUser)
        Synchronizes user with fields from proxyUser. The roles set of given user is unmodified.
      • syncRoles

        public static syncRoles​( role,
                                                                                                  ProxyPentahoRole proxyRole)
        Synchronizes role with fields from proxyRole. The users set of given role is unmodified.
      • toProxyRole

        public static ProxyPentahoRole toProxyRole​( role)