Class OpenKettleStatusCommand

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    public class OpenKettleStatusCommand
    extends org.pentaho.mantle.client.commands.AbstractCommand
    Executes the Open Kettle Status command.
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      • OpenKettleStatusCommand

        public OpenKettleStatusCommand()
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      • performOperation

        protected void performOperation()
        Executes the command to open the kettle status page.
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        performOperation in class org.pentaho.mantle.client.commands.AbstractCommand
      • performOperation

        protected void performOperation​(boolean feedback)
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        performOperation in class org.pentaho.mantle.client.commands.AbstractCommand
      • openNewWindow

        public static void openNewWindow​(String url,
                                         String wname,
                                         boolean forceFocus)
        This method open a new browser tab with the provided url and set the focus to it ".focus() command is likely not going to work in all browsers. This used to work back in the day but not any more, mainly due to browsers working to actively stop shady ad networks from pushing their popup ads to the foreground. In Mozilla Firefox in particular (depending on your version) there is a configuration setting that is turned on by default that stops other windows (e.g. popups) from focusing themselves. You can find this setting in the about:config page (tread carefully!) Other browsers may implement something similar, but quite simply if 1 of the major browsers blocks the use of .focus() by default then there's not much use in attempting to call it. As a result, the only solution I've seen that works is to see if the window exists and is not already closed... and if so close it, then load the window you want."
        url - URL address to open
        wname - window name to apply for the new window to be open