Class RunInBackgroundCommand

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    public class RunInBackgroundCommand
    extends org.pentaho.mantle.client.commands.AbstractCommand
    Run In Background Command Note that the run in background command functionality is similar to schedule functionality. While a lot of code is duplicated over the two commands, quite a bit of screen flow / controller logic is embedded in the view dialogs. Combining these would make more sense once the control flow is removed from the views and abstracted into controllers.
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      • RunInBackgroundCommand

        public RunInBackgroundCommand()
      • RunInBackgroundCommand

        public RunInBackgroundCommand​(FileItem fileItem)
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      • getSolutionTitle

        public String getSolutionTitle()
      • setSolutionTitle

        public void setSolutionTitle​(String solutionTitle)
      • getSolutionPath

        public String getSolutionPath()
      • setSolutionPath

        public void setSolutionPath​(String solutionPath)
      • getOutputLocationPath

        public String getOutputLocationPath()
      • setOutputLocationPath

        public void setOutputLocationPath​(String outputLocationPath)
      • getModuleBaseURL

        public String getModuleBaseURL()
      • setModuleBaseURL

        public void setModuleBaseURL​(String moduleBaseURL)
      • getOutputName

        public String getOutputName()
      • setOutputName

        public void setOutputName​(String outputName)
      • getDateFormat

        public String getDateFormat()
        Get Date Format
        a string representation of a date format
      • setDateFormat

        public void setDateFormat​(String dateFormat)
        Set Date Format
        dateFormat - a string representation of a date format
      • getOverwriteFile

        public String getOverwriteFile()
        Get Overwrite File
        the string "true" if the file should be overwritten, otherwise "false"
      • setOverwriteFile

        public void setOverwriteFile​(String overwriteFile)
        Set Overwrite File
        overwriteFile - the string "true" if the file should be overwritten, otherwise "false"
      • performOperation

        protected void performOperation()
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        performOperation in class org.pentaho.mantle.client.commands.AbstractCommand
      • getJsonSimpleTrigger

        protected getJsonSimpleTrigger​(int repeatCount,
                                                                             int interval,
                                                                             Date startDate,
                                                                             Date endDate)
      • showDialog

        protected void showDialog​(boolean feedback)
      • checkSchedulePermissionAndDialog

        protected void checkSchedulePermissionAndDialog()
      • performOperation

        protected void performOperation​(boolean feedback)
        Specified by:
        performOperation in class org.pentaho.mantle.client.commands.AbstractCommand