Class SessionExpiredCommand

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    public class SessionExpiredCommand
    extends org.pentaho.mantle.client.commands.AbstractCommand
    Shows a session expired dialog in a top frame. Won't work on the screens missing the mantle application.
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      • SessionExpiredCommand

        public SessionExpiredCommand()
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      • performOperation

        protected void performOperation()
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        performOperation in class org.pentaho.mantle.client.commands.AbstractCommand
      • performOperation

        protected void performOperation​(boolean feedback)
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        performOperation in class org.pentaho.mantle.client.commands.AbstractCommand
      • getPollingInterval

        public Integer getPollingInterval()
      • setPollingInterval

        public void setPollingInterval​(Integer pollingInterval)
      • getNextCheckShift

        protected int getNextCheckShift()
        If the session is expired returns a negative value. If the session is not expired returns a time left before expiration. If the cookie is not set returns a default polling interval.
        time shift for the next check
      • getClientTime

        protected long getClientTime()
      • setClientTimeOffset

        protected void setClientTimeOffset()
        Don't be fooled with a System.currentTimeMillis() - in GWT it's a client side time. To eliminate a possible client clock desynchronization effect we need to calculate an offset between client and server time. Also there always will be a small positive offset equal to a time between the page load nad servlet invocation.

        In case of any unpredicted situation the offset is set to 0.

      • setCookie

        protected void setCookie​(String name,
                                 String value)