Class RowProducer

  • public class RowProducer
    extends Object
    Allows you to "Inject" rows into a step.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RowProducer

        public RowProducer​(StepInterface stepInterface,
                           org.pentaho.di.core.RowSet rowSet)
    • Method Detail

      • putRow

        public void putRow​(org.pentaho.di.core.row.RowMetaInterface rowMeta,
                           Object[] row)
        Puts a row into the underlying row set. This will block until the row is successfully added.
        See Also:
        putRow(RowMetaInterface, Object[], true)
      • putRow

        public boolean putRow​(org.pentaho.di.core.row.RowMetaInterface rowMeta,
                              Object[] row,
                              boolean block)
        Puts a row on to the underlying row set, optionally blocking until the row can be successfully put.
        true if the row was successfully added to the rowset and false if this buffer was full. If block is true this will always return true.
        See Also:
        RowSet.putRow(RowMetaInterface, Object[])
      • putRowWait

        public boolean putRowWait​(org.pentaho.di.core.row.RowMetaInterface rowMeta,
                                  Object[] rowData,
                                  long time,
                                  TimeUnit tu)
        See Also:
        RowSet.putRowWait(RowMetaInterface, Object[], long, TimeUnit)
      • finished

        public void finished()
        Signal that we are done producing rows. It will allow the step to which this producer is attached to know that no more rows are forthcoming.
      • getRowSet

        public org.pentaho.di.core.RowSet getRowSet()
        Returns the rowSet.
      • setRowSet

        public void setRowSet​(org.pentaho.di.core.RowSet rowSet)
        rowSet - The rowSet to set.
      • getStepInterface

        public StepInterface getStepInterface()
        Returns the stepInterface.
      • setStepInterface

        public void setStepInterface​(StepInterface stepInterface)
        stepInterface - The stepInterface to set.