Class BaseFileInputAdditionalField

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class BaseFileInputAdditionalField
    extends Object
    implements Cloneable
    Additional fields settings.
    • Field Detail

      • shortFilenameField

        public String shortFilenameField
        Additional fields
      • extensionField

        public String extensionField
      • pathField

        public String pathField
      • sizeField

        public String sizeField
      • hiddenField

        public String hiddenField
      • lastModificationField

        public String lastModificationField
      • uriField

        public String uriField
      • rootUriField

        public String rootUriField
    • Constructor Detail

      • BaseFileInputAdditionalField

        public BaseFileInputAdditionalField()
    • Method Detail

      • normalize

        public void normalize()
        Set null for all empty field values to be able to fast check during step processing. Need to be executed once before processing.