Class BaseFileInputFiles

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class BaseFileInputFiles
    extends Object
    implements Cloneable
    Input files settings.
    • Field Detail

      • RequiredFilesCode

        public static final String[] RequiredFilesCode
      • RequiredFilesDesc

        public static final String[] RequiredFilesDesc
      • fileName

        public String[] fileName
        Array of filenames
      • fileMask

        public String[] fileMask
        Wildcard or filemask (regular expression)
      • excludeFileMask

        public String[] excludeFileMask
        Wildcard or filemask to exclude (regular expression)
      • fileRequired

        public String[] fileRequired
        Array of boolean values as string, indicating if a file is required.
      • includeSubFolders

        public String[] includeSubFolders
        Array of boolean values as string, indicating if we need to fetch sub folders.
      • acceptingFilenames

        public boolean acceptingFilenames
        Are we accepting filenames in input rows?
      • acceptingStepName

        public String acceptingStepName
        The stepname to accept filenames from
      • passingThruFields

        public boolean passingThruFields
        If receiving input rows, should we pass through existing fields?
      • acceptingField

        public String acceptingField
        The field in which the filename is placed
      • isaddresult

        public boolean isaddresult
        The add filenames to result filenames flag
    • Constructor Detail

      • BaseFileInputFiles

        public BaseFileInputFiles()
    • Method Detail

      • setFileRequired

        public void setFileRequired​(String[] fileRequiredin)
      • setIncludeSubFolders

        public void setIncludeSubFolders​(String[] includeSubFoldersin)
      • getRequiredFilesCode

        public static String getRequiredFilesCode​(String tt)
      • normalizeAllocation

        public void normalizeAllocation​(int length)
      • normalizeAllocation

        protected static String[] normalizeAllocation​(String[] oldAllocation,
                                                      int length)
      • includeSubFolderBoolean

        public boolean[] includeSubFolderBoolean()