Class MailInputMeta

    • Field Detail


        public static int DEFAULT_BATCH_SIZE
      • conditionReceivedDate

        public int conditionReceivedDate
      • valueimaplist

        public int valueimaplist
      • retrievemails

        public int retrievemails
    • Constructor Detail

      • MailInputMeta

        public MailInputMeta()
    • Method Detail

      • loadXML

        public void loadXML​(Node stepnode,
                            List<org.pentaho.di.core.database.DatabaseMeta> databases,
                            org.pentaho.metastore.api.IMetaStore metaStore)
                     throws org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleXMLException
        Description copied from interface: StepMetaInterface
        Load the values for this step from an XML Node
        Specified by:
        loadXML in interface StepMetaInterface
        loadXML in class BaseStepMeta
        stepnode - the Node to get the info from
        databases - The available list of databases to reference to
        metaStore - the metastore to optionally load external reference metadata from
        org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleXMLException - When an unexpected XML error occurred. (malformed etc.)
      • allocate

        public void allocate​(int nrfields)
      • readRep

        public void readRep​(Repository rep,
                            org.pentaho.metastore.api.IMetaStore metaStore,
                            org.pentaho.di.repository.ObjectId id_step,
                            List<org.pentaho.di.core.database.DatabaseMeta> databases)
                     throws org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleException
        Description copied from interface: StepMetaInterface
        Read the steps information from a Kettle repository
        Specified by:
        readRep in interface StepMetaInterface
        readRep in class BaseStepMeta
        rep - The repository to read from
        metaStore - The MetaStore to read external information from
        id_step - The step ID
        databases - The databases to reference
        org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleException - When an unexpected error occurred (database, network, etc)
      • saveRep

        public void saveRep​(Repository rep,
                            org.pentaho.metastore.api.IMetaStore metaStore,
                            org.pentaho.di.repository.ObjectId id_transformation,
                            org.pentaho.di.repository.ObjectId id_step)
                     throws org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleException
        Description copied from interface: StepMetaInterface
        Save the steps data into a Kettle repository
        Specified by:
        saveRep in interface StepMetaInterface
        saveRep in class BaseStepMeta
        rep - The Kettle repository to save to
        metaStore - the metaStore to optionally write to
        id_transformation - The transformation ID
        id_step - The step ID
        org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleException - When an unexpected error occurred (database, network, etc)
      • getXML

        public String getXML()
        Description copied from class: BaseStepMeta
        Produces the XML string that describes this step's information.
        Specified by:
        getXML in interface StepMetaInterface
        getXML in class BaseStepMeta
        String containing the XML describing this step.
      • check

        public void check​(List<org.pentaho.di.core.CheckResultInterface> remarks,
                          TransMeta transMeta,
                          StepMeta stepMeta,
                          org.pentaho.di.core.row.RowMetaInterface prev,
                          String[] input,
                          String[] output,
                          org.pentaho.di.core.row.RowMetaInterface info,
                          org.pentaho.di.core.variables.VariableSpace space,
                          Repository repository,
                          org.pentaho.metastore.api.IMetaStore metaStore)
        Description copied from interface: StepMetaInterface
        Checks the settings of this step and puts the findings in a remarks List.
        Specified by:
        check in interface StepMetaInterface
        check in class BaseStepMeta
        remarks - The list to put the remarks in @see org.pentaho.di.core.CheckResult
        stepMeta - The stepMeta to help checking
        prev - The fields coming from the previous step
        input - The input step names
        output - The output step names
        info - The fields that are used as information by the step
        space - the variable space to resolve variable expressions with
        repository - the repository to use to load Kettle metadata objects impacting the output fields
        metaStore - the MetaStore to use to load additional external data or metadata impacting the output fields
      • getPort

        public String getPort()
      • setPort

        public void setPort​(String sslport)
      • setFirstMails

        public void setFirstMails​(String firstmails)
      • getFirstMails

        public String getFirstMails()
      • isIncludeSubFolders

        public boolean isIncludeSubFolders()
      • setIncludeSubFolders

        public void setIncludeSubFolders​(boolean includesubfolders)
      • isUseProxy

        public boolean isUseProxy()
        Returns the useproxy.
      • setUseProxy

        public void setUseProxy​(boolean useprox)
      • setProxyUsername

        public void setProxyUsername​(String username)
      • getProxyUsername

        public String getProxyUsername()
      • isDynamicFolder

        public boolean isDynamicFolder()
        Returns the usedynamicfolder.
      • setDynamicFolder

        public void setDynamicFolder​(boolean usedynamicfolder)
      • setRowLimit

        public void setRowLimit​(String rowlimit)
      • getRowLimit

        public String getRowLimit()
      • setFolderField

        public void setFolderField​(String folderfield)
      • getFolderField

        public String getFolderField()
      • setFirstIMAPMails

        public void setFirstIMAPMails​(String firstmails)
      • getFirstIMAPMails

        public String getFirstIMAPMails()
      • setSenderSearchTerm

        public void setSenderSearchTerm​(String senderSearch)
      • getSenderSearchTerm

        public String getSenderSearchTerm()
      • setNotTermSenderSearch

        public void setNotTermSenderSearch​(boolean notTermSenderSearch)
      • isNotTermSenderSearch

        public boolean isNotTermSenderSearch()
      • setNotTermSubjectSearch

        public void setNotTermSubjectSearch​(boolean notTermSubjectSearch)
      • isNotTermSubjectSearch

        public boolean isNotTermSubjectSearch()
      • setNotTermReceivedDateSearch

        public void setNotTermReceivedDateSearch​(boolean notTermReceivedDateSearch)
      • isNotTermReceivedDateSearch

        public boolean isNotTermReceivedDateSearch()
      • setNotTermRecipientSearch

        public void setNotTermRecipientSearch​(boolean notTermRecipientSearch)
      • isNotTermRecipientSearch

        public boolean isNotTermRecipientSearch()
      • setRecipientSearch

        public void setRecipientSearch​(String recipientSearch)
      • getRecipientSearch

        public String getRecipientSearch()
      • setSubjectSearch

        public void setSubjectSearch​(String subjectSearch)
      • getSubjectSearch

        public String getSubjectSearch()
      • getReceivedDate1

        public String getReceivedDate1()
      • setReceivedDate1

        public void setReceivedDate1​(String inputDate)
      • getReceivedDate2

        public String getReceivedDate2()
      • setReceivedDate2

        public void setReceivedDate2​(String inputDate)
      • setConditionOnReceivedDate

        public void setConditionOnReceivedDate​(int conditionReceivedDate)
      • getConditionOnReceivedDate

        public int getConditionOnReceivedDate()
      • setServerName

        public void setServerName​(String servername)
      • getServerName

        public String getServerName()
      • setUserName

        public void setUserName​(String username)
      • getUserName

        public String getUserName()
      • setRetrievemails

        public void setRetrievemails​(int nr)
      • 0 = retrieve all
      • 2 = retrieve unread
nr -