Class MissingTrans

    • Constructor Detail

      • MissingTrans

        public MissingTrans​(String stepName,
                            String missingPluginId)
    • Method Detail

      • getStepName

        public String getStepName()
      • setStepName

        public void setStepName​(String stepName)
      • getMissingPluginId

        public String getMissingPluginId()
      • setMissingPluginId

        public void setMissingPluginId​(String missingPluginId)
      • getStep

        public StepInterface getStep​(StepMeta stepMeta,
                                     StepDataInterface stepDataInterface,
                                     int cnr,
                                     TransMeta tr,
                                     Trans trans)
        Description copied from interface: StepMetaInterface
        Get the executing step, needed by Trans to launch a step.
        Specified by:
        getStep in interface StepMetaInterface
        getStep in class DummyTransMeta
        stepMeta - The step info
        stepDataInterface - the step data interface linked to this step. Here the step can store temporary data, database connections, etc.
        cnr - The copy nr to get
        tr - The transformation info
        trans - The launching transformation