Class StreamLookupData

    • Field Detail

      • look

        public Map<org.pentaho.di.core.RowMetaAndData,​Object[]> look
        used to store values in used to look up things
      • keynrs

        public int[] keynrs
        nrs of keys-values in row.
      • outputRowMeta

        public org.pentaho.di.core.row.RowMetaInterface outputRowMeta
        The metadata we send out
      • nullIf

        public Object[] nullIf
        default string converted to values...
      • readLookupValues

        public boolean readLookupValues
        Flag to indicate that we have to read lookup values from the info step
      • keyTypes

        public org.pentaho.di.core.row.RowMetaInterface keyTypes
        Stores the first row of the lookup-values to later determine if the types are the same as the input row lookup values.
      • cacheKeyMeta

        public org.pentaho.di.core.row.RowMetaInterface cacheKeyMeta
      • cacheValueMeta

        public org.pentaho.di.core.row.RowMetaInterface cacheValueMeta
      • hashIndex

        public org.pentaho.di.core.hash.ByteArrayHashIndex hashIndex
      • longIndex

        public org.pentaho.di.core.hash.LongHashIndex longIndex
      • lookupMeta

        public org.pentaho.di.core.row.RowMetaInterface lookupMeta
      • infoMeta

        public org.pentaho.di.core.row.RowMetaInterface infoMeta
      • lookupColumnIndex

        public int[] lookupColumnIndex
      • metadataVerifiedIntegerPair

        public boolean metadataVerifiedIntegerPair
      • convertKeysToNative

        public boolean[] convertKeysToNative
        See if we need to convert the keys to a native data type
      • hasLookupRows

        public boolean hasLookupRows
    • Constructor Detail

      • StreamLookupData

        public StreamLookupData()