Class FieldIndex

  • public class FieldIndex
    extends Object
    Class used to hold operating field index, intermediate data and final results for a stats calculation. Has functions to compute the mean, standard deviation and arbitrary percentiles. Percentiles can be computed using interpolation or a simple method. See The Engineering Statistics Handbook for details.
    • Field Detail

      • m_columnIndex

        public int m_columnIndex
      • m_count

        public double m_count
      • m_mean

        public double m_mean
      • m_stdDev

        public double m_stdDev
      • m_max

        public double m_max
      • m_min

        public double m_min
      • m_median

        public double m_median
      • m_arbitraryPercentile

        public double m_arbitraryPercentile
      • m_sum

        public double m_sum
      • m_sumSq

        public double m_sumSq
    • Constructor Detail

      • FieldIndex

        public FieldIndex()
    • Method Detail

      • calculateDerived

        public void calculateDerived()
      • generateOutputValues

        public Object[] generateOutputValues​(UnivariateStatsMetaFunction usmf,
                                             ArrayList<Number> cache)
        Constructs an array of Objects containing the requested statistics for one univariate stats meta function using this FieldIndex.
        usmf - theUnivariateStatsMetaFunction to compute stats for. This contains the input field selected by the user along with which stats to compute for it.
        an array of computed statistics