Package mondrian.rolap

Implements the data access layer for the olap package.


When a member expression like member.children is evaluated, the function requests the SchemaReader from the Evaluator. The RolapEvaluator uses the RolapSchemaReader which delegates most calls to one of its MemberReaders (one per dimension). In most cases, a SmartMemberReader will be used, which returns the requested members immediately.


Cells are evaluated multiple times. For the first time, a FastBatchingCellReader is used. When a cell is evaluated, Evaluator.evaluateCurrent() is called. The FastBatchingCellReader will not compute the cells value but record a CellRequest for that cell and return (not throw) an exception. After all CellRequests for all cells have been recorded, the Aggregation will generate SQL to load all cells with a single SQL query. After that the cells are evaluated again with an AggregatingCellReader that will return the cell values from the cache.