Class ItemColumnQuotientExpression

  extended by org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.function.AbstractExpression
      extended by org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.function.PercentageExpression
          extended by org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.function.ItemColumnQuotientExpression
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Expression

Deprecated. Use PercentageExpression instead, it's name is much clearer

public class ItemColumnQuotientExpression
extends PercentageExpression

A report function that calculates the quotient of two fields (columns) from the current row.

This function expects its input values to be java.lang.Number instances.

The function undestands two parameters. The dividend parameter is required and denotes the name of an ItemBand-field which is used as dividend. The divisor parameter is required and denotes the name of an ItemBand-field which is uses as divisor.

Heiko Evermann
See Also:
Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
          Deprecated. Constructs a new function.
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public ItemColumnQuotientExpression()
Constructs a new function.

Initially the function has no sure to assign one before using the function.