Package org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.layout.model

Interface Summary
PageGrid The page grid describes the logical page.

Class Summary
BlockRenderBox Creation-Date: 03.04.2007, 13:37:19
Border Creation-Date: 03.04.2007, 13:54:17
BorderCorner Creation-Date: 03.04.2007, 13:57:52
BreakMarkerRenderBox A special box that simply marks the position of an automatic pagebreak.
CanvasRenderBox A renderbox that behaves like a huge canvas.
ContentPlaceholderRenderBox Todo: Document Me
DefaultPageGrid Creation-Date: 05.04.2007, 16:15:32
FinishedRenderNode A box replacement.
InlineProgressMarkerRenderBox Todo: Document me!

Date: 01.09.2009 Time: 20:26:47

InlineRenderBox The Inline-Box represents a flow-text container.
LayoutNodeTypes Bits 0-3 define the general node type.
LogicalPageBox The logical page is the root-structure of the generated content.
PageAreaBox Creation-Date: 25.04.2007, 12:54:18
PageBreakPositionList Creation-Date: 15.04.2007, 13:34:13
ParagraphPoolBox Creation-Date: 03.04.2007, 13:38:24
ParagraphRenderBox Creation-Date: 03.04.2007, 13:38:00
PhysicalPageBox Defines the properties of a single physical page.
RenderableReplacedContent Creation-Date: 03.04.2007, 15:10:19
RenderableReplacedContentBox Todo: Document Me
RenderableText The renderable text is a text chunk, enriched with layouting information, such as break opportunities, character sizes, kerning information and spacing information.
RenderBox Creation-Date: 03.04.2007, 13:17:47
RenderLength Creation-Date: 09.07.2006, 21:03:12
RenderNode Creation-Date: 03.04.2007, 13:16:06
RowRenderBox A block-render box that layouts all elements on the horizontal axis using the direct child element's width as fixed layout constraint.
SpacerRenderNode A spacer reserves space for whitespaces found in the text.
WatermarkAreaBox A marker interface, nothing more.