Package org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.metadata

Interface Summary
AttributeCore Todo: Document me!
AttributeMetaData Describes the known attributes an element can take.
DataFactoryMetaData Todo: Document Me
ElementMetaData Todo: Document Me
ElementType A element type is a data-source/data-filter implementation much like the templates.
ExpressionMetaData Provides meta-data for functions.
ExpressionPropertyCore Todo: Document me!
ExpressionPropertyMetaData Describes the known attributes an element can take.
MetaData Todo: Document Me
ReportPreProcessorMetaData Todo: Document me!

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ReportPreProcessorPropertyCore Todo: Document me!
ReportPreProcessorPropertyMetaData Todo: Document me!

Date: 28.06.2009 Time: 21:40:27

SectionType The section type interface is a marker interface to separate data-elements from sections (which contain other elements but produce no content on their own).
StyleMetaData Information about the style-keys of an element.

Class Summary
DataFactoryRegistry Todo: Document Me
DefaultAttributeCore Todo: Document me!
DefaultElementMetaData Todo: Document Me
DefaultExpressionPropertyCore Todo: Document me!
DefaultReportPreProcessorMetaData Todo: Document Me
DefaultReportPreProcessorPropertyCore Todo: Document me!
DefaultStyleKeyMetaData Todo: Document Me
ElementMetaDataParser Todo: Document Me
ElementTypeRegistry Todo: Document Me
ExpressionRegistry Todo: Document Me
GroupedMetaDataComparator This Comparator implements the standard java.util.Comparator interface.
PlainMetaDataComparator Todo: Document Me
ReportPreProcessorRegistry Todo: Document Me
ReportProcessTaskRegistry Todo: Document Me
ResourceReference Represents a static resource reference to a file contained in the bundle or in a location that is accessible via the report's resource-manager.

Exception Summary
MetaDataLookupException Todo: Document Me