Interface MetaTableModel

    • Method Detail

      • getCellDataAttributes

        DataAttributes getCellDataAttributes​(int row,
                                             int column)
        Returns the meta-attribute as Java-Object. The object type that is expected by the caller is defined in the TableMetaData property set. It is the responsibility of the implementor to map the native meta-data model into a model suitable for reporting.

        Be aware that cell-level attributes do not make it into the designtime dataschema, as this dataschema only looks at the structural metadata available and does not contain any data references.

        row - the row of the cell for which the meta-data is queried.
        column - the index of the column for which the meta-data is queried.
        the meta-data object.
      • isCellDataAttributesSupported

        boolean isCellDataAttributesSupported()
        Checks, whether cell-data attributes are supported by this tablemodel implementation.
        true, if the model supports cell-level attributes, false otherwise.
      • getColumnAttributes

        DataAttributes getColumnAttributes​(int column)
        Returns the column-level attributes for the given column.
        column - the column.
        data-attributes, never null.
      • getTableAttributes

        DataAttributes getTableAttributes()
        Returns table-wide attributes. This usually contain hints about the data-source used to query the data as well as hints on the sort-order of the data.
        the table-attributes, never null.