Interface ReportProcessTask

    • Method Detail

      • setBodyContentLocation

        void setBodyContentLocation​(org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.repository.ContentLocation body)
        Defines the content location (and implicitly the repository) for the generated report document.
        body - the content location for the report document.
      • getBodyContentLocation

        org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.repository.ContentLocation getBodyContentLocation()
        Returns the content location for the generated document.
        the content location where the generated document of the report will be stored.
      • setBodyNameGenerator

        void setBodyNameGenerator​(org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.repository.NameGenerator nameGenerator)
        Defines the body name generator, that generates name sequences in case the target name is already taken. The given namegenerator should return the first-choice document name as first generated name.
        nameGenerator - the name generator.
      • getBodyNameGenerator

        org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.repository.NameGenerator getBodyNameGenerator()
        Returns the name generator for the report document.
        the name generator.
      • setReport

        void setReport​(MasterReport report)
        Defines the report that will be executed in this task. It is assumed that the report is fully parametrized. Report processing will fail if the report requires parameters that are not given.
        report - the report.
      • getReport

        MasterReport getReport()
        Returns the report that will be executed in this task.
        the report.
      • addReportProgressListener

        void addReportProgressListener​(ReportProgressListener listener)
        Adds a report progress listener that is able to monitor the export progress.
        listener - the listener.
      • removeReportProgressListener

        void removeReportProgressListener​(ReportProgressListener listener)
        Removes the given report progress listener from the list of listeners.
        listener - the listener.
      • getReportMimeType

        String getReportMimeType()
        Returns the export tasks document mime type.
        the mime type of the report document that is being generated.
      • getError

        Throwable getError()
        Returns any error that has caused the report export to fail.
        the error that caused a failure, or null if there was no error.
      • isTaskAborted

        boolean isTaskAborted()
        Checks whether the task was aborted. Tasks can be aborted by signaling "interrupt()" to the executing thread.
        true, if the task was aborted, false otherwise.
      • isTaskSuccessful

        boolean isTaskSuccessful()
        Checks whether the export was successful. An aborted task cannot be successfull.
        true, if the report was exported successfully, false otherwise.
      • isValid

        boolean isValid()
        Returns if the task is configured in a way that the export can be safely started.
        true, if the task is valid and can be started, false otherwise.