Interface URLImageContainer

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    Cloneable, ImageContainer
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    public interface URLImageContainer
    extends ImageContainer
    An image container, that references a remote image. The image is not required to be loadable as long as this container returns all necessary information correctly.

    Some output targets will not display anything, if the image is not loadable.

    Thomas Morgner
    • Method Detail

      • getResourceKey

        org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.resourceloader.ResourceKey getResourceKey()
        Returns the resourcekey that was used to load the image.
        the resource key.
      • getSourceURL

        URL getSourceURL()
        Returns the source URL, if available.
        the source URL of the image.
      • getSourceURLString

        String getSourceURLString()
        Returns the source URL as string. This could also be a relative URL which is not readable by the report processor, the source URL string is copied as is - without being interpreted by the output target.
        the source URL as string.
      • isLoadable

        boolean isLoadable()
        Defines, whether the given URLs are readable. If there is no sourceURL, then this method must return false.
        true, if the source URL is loadable, false otherwise.