Class Messages

  • public class Messages
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • getString

        public static String getString​(String key,
                                       Object... param1)
        Formats the message stored in the resource bundle (using a MessageFormat).
        key - the resourcebundle key
        param1 - the parameter for the message
        the formated string
      • getIcon

        public static Icon getIcon​(String key,
                                   boolean large)
      • getIcon

        public static Icon getIcon​(String key)
      • getMnemonic

        public static Integer getMnemonic​(String key)
      • getOptionalMnemonic

        public static Integer getOptionalMnemonic​(String key)
      • getOptionalKeyStroke

        public static KeyStroke getOptionalKeyStroke​(String key)
      • getKeyStroke

        public static KeyStroke getKeyStroke​(String key,
                                             int mask)
      • getOptionalKeyStroke

        public static KeyStroke getOptionalKeyStroke​(String key,
                                                     int mask)