Class ColumnAggregationExpression

    • Constructor Detail

      • ColumnAggregationExpression

        protected ColumnAggregationExpression()
        Default Constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • getFieldValues

        protected Object[] getFieldValues()
        Collects the values of all fields defined in the fieldList.
        an Object-array containing all defined values from the datarow
      • setField

        public void setField​(int index,
                             String field)
        Defines the field in the field-list at the given index.
        index - the position in the list, where the field should be defined.
        field - the name of the field.
      • getField

        public String getField​(int index)
        Returns the defined field at the given index-position.
        index - the position of the field name that should be queried.
        the field name at the given position.
      • getFieldCount

        public int getFieldCount()
        Returns the number of fields defined in this expression.
        the number of fields.
      • getField

        public String[] getField()
        Returns all defined fields as array of strings.
        all the fields.
      • setField

        public void setField​(String[] fields)
        Defines all fields as array. This completely replaces any previously defined fields.
        fields - the new list of fields.
      • getInstance

        public Expression getInstance()
        Return a completly separated copy of this function. The copy does no longer share any changeable objects with the original function.
        Specified by:
        getInstance in interface Expression
        getInstance in class AbstractExpression
        a copy of this function.