Interface ExpressionRuntime

    • Method Detail

      • getDataRow

        DataRow getDataRow()
        Returns the current data-row. The datarow can be used to access the computed values of all expressions and functions and the current row in the tablemodel.
        the data-row.
      • getConfiguration

        org.pentaho.reporting.libraries.base.config.Configuration getConfiguration()
        Returns the report configuration that was used to initiate this processing run.
        the report configuration.
      • getResourceBundleFactory

        ResourceBundleFactory getResourceBundleFactory()
        Returns the resource-bundle factory of current processing context.
        the current resource-bundle factory.
      • getData

        TableModel getData()
        Grants access to the tablemodel was granted using report properties, now direct.
        the current tablemodel used in the report.
      • getCurrentRow

        int getCurrentRow()
        Returns the number of the row in padded datasource that is currently being processed. This is equal to the current report state's currentRow number.
        the current row number.
      • getCurrentDataItem

        int getCurrentDataItem()
        Returns the row number of the raw datasource that is currently accessed.
        the raw access row number.
      • getCurrentGroup

        int getCurrentGroup()
      • getGroupStartRow

        int getGroupStartRow​(String groupName)
      • getGroupStartRow

        int getGroupStartRow​(int groupIndex)
      • getExportDescriptor

        String getExportDescriptor()
        Returns the current export descriptor as returned by the OutputProcessorMetaData object. The output descriptor is a simple string collections consisting of the following components: exportclass/type/subtype

        For example, the PDF export would be: pageable/pdf and the StreamHTML export would return table/html/stream

        the export descriptor.
      • getProcessingContext

        ProcessingContext getProcessingContext()
        Returns the current processing context.
        the processing context.
      • isStructuralComplexReport

        boolean isStructuralComplexReport()
        A flag indicating that this report contains crosstabs.
      • isCrosstabActive

        boolean isCrosstabActive()
        A flag indicating that a crosstab is actively processed.