Class SpacerRenderNode

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    public final class SpacerRenderNode
    extends RenderNode
    A spacer reserves space for whitespaces found in the text. When encountered at the beginning or end of lines, it gets removed.

    Spacers are always considered discardable, so when encountered alone, they will get pruned.

    Thomas Morgner
    • Constructor Detail

      • SpacerRenderNode

        public SpacerRenderNode()
      • SpacerRenderNode

        public SpacerRenderNode​(long width,
                                long height,
                                boolean preserve,
                                int spaceCount)
    • Method Detail

      • getSpaceCount

        public int getSpaceCount()
        Returns the number of space-characters that resulted in this spacer-node. This is a content-creator hint to make sure that the table-exports can create the represented space more easily. A space-count of zero means, that the value is not known. In that case a renderer should apply some font-metrics magic to compute a suitable space count from the known style information.
        the space count.
      • isIgnorableForRendering

        public boolean isIgnorableForRendering()
        If that method returns true, the element will not be used for rendering. For the purpose of computing sizes or performing the layouting (in the validate() step), this element will treated as if it is not there.

        If the element reports itself as non-empty, however, it will affect the margin computation.

        isIgnorableForRendering in class RenderNode