Class StaticBoxLayoutProperties

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    public final class StaticBoxLayoutProperties
    extends Object
    implements Serializable
    A static properties collection. That one is static; once computed it does not change anymore. It does not (under no thinkable circumstances) depend on the given content. It may depend on static content of the parent.

    A box typically has two sets of margins. The first set is the declared margin set - it simply expresses the user's definitions. The second set is the effective margin set, it is based on the context of the element in the document tree and denotes the distance between the nodes edge and any oposite edge.

    Thomas Morgner
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • StaticBoxLayoutProperties

        public StaticBoxLayoutProperties()
    • Method Detail

      • isWidowOrphanOptOut

        public boolean isWidowOrphanOptOut()
      • setWidowOrphanOptOut

        public void setWidowOrphanOptOut​(boolean widowOrphanOptOut)
      • isDefinedWidth

        public boolean isDefinedWidth()
      • setDefinedWidth

        public void setDefinedWidth​(boolean definedWidth)
        Indicates whether the box explicitly defines a width.
        definedWidth -
      • isSectionContext

        public boolean isSectionContext()
      • setSectionContext

        public void setSectionContext​(boolean sectionContext)
      • getSpaceWidth

        public long getSpaceWidth()
      • setSpaceWidth

        public void setSpaceWidth​(long spaceWidth)
      • getMarginLeft

        public long getMarginLeft()
      • getMarginRight

        public long getMarginRight()
      • getMarginTop

        public long getMarginTop()
      • getMarginBottom

        public long getMarginBottom()
      • getBorderLeft

        public long getBorderLeft()
      • setBorderLeft

        public void setBorderLeft​(long borderLeft)
      • getBorderRight

        public long getBorderRight()
      • setBorderRight

        public void setBorderRight​(long borderRight)
      • getBorderTop

        public long getBorderTop()
      • setBorderTop

        public void setBorderTop​(long borderTop)
      • getBorderBottom

        public long getBorderBottom()
      • setBorderBottom

        public void setBorderBottom​(long borderBottom)
      • getDominantBaseline

        public int getDominantBaseline()
      • setDominantBaseline

        public void setDominantBaseline​(int dominantBaseline)
      • isBaselineCalculated

        public boolean isBaselineCalculated()
      • setNominalBaselineInfo

        public void setNominalBaselineInfo​(ExtendedBaselineInfo nominalBaselineInfo)
      • getFontFamily

        public String getFontFamily()
      • setFontFamily

        public void setFontFamily​(String fontFamily)
      • getWidows

        public int getWidows()
      • setWidows

        public void setWidows​(int widows)
      • getOrphans

        public int getOrphans()
      • setOrphans

        public void setOrphans​(int orphans)
      • isAvoidPagebreakInside

        public boolean isAvoidPagebreakInside()
      • setAvoidPagebreakInside

        public void setAvoidPagebreakInside​(boolean avoidPagebreakInside)
      • isPreserveSpace

        public boolean isPreserveSpace()
      • setPreserveSpace

        public void setPreserveSpace​(boolean preserveSpace)
      • isBreakAfter

        public boolean isBreakAfter()
      • setBreakAfter

        public void setBreakAfter​(boolean breakAfter)
      • isOverflowX

        public boolean isOverflowX()
      • setOverflowX

        public void setOverflowX​(boolean overflowX)
      • isOverflowY

        public boolean isOverflowY()
      • setOverflowY

        public void setOverflowY​(boolean overflowY)
      • isInvisibleConsumesSpace

        public boolean isInvisibleConsumesSpace()
      • setInvisibleConsumesSpace

        public void setInvisibleConsumesSpace​(boolean invisibleConsumesSpace)
      • isVisible

        public boolean isVisible()
      • setVisible

        public void setVisible​(boolean visible)
      • isPlaceholderBox

        public boolean isPlaceholderBox()