Class TableColumnGroup

  • public class TableColumnGroup
    extends Object
    A table column group contains one or more table columns. The table column group is a normalized element.

    A column group may defined a shared background for all columns. The column group may define a minimum width. If the contained cells do not use all of that granted width, they get some extra padding.

    As Mozilla does not take the width of a colgroup into account, we will neither.

    Thomas Morgner
    • Constructor Detail

      • TableColumnGroup

        public TableColumnGroup​(Border border)
      • TableColumnGroup

        public TableColumnGroup()
    • Method Detail

      • getColSpan

        public int getColSpan()
      • setColSpan

        public void setColSpan​(int colSpan)
      • freeze

        public void freeze()
      • addColumn

        public void addColumn​(TableColumn column)
      • getBorder

        public Border getBorder()
      • getColumnCount

        public int getColumnCount()
      • getColumn

        public TableColumn getColumn​(int pos)